“When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress in our life becomes manageable.” ~ Greg Anderson

This is so true, and on my journey with self discovery and facing my truths, I have come to know this. My life is a lot easier. Have I met my goals yet? Nope. But I am closer than I was yesterday. And tomorrow, I will be even closer yet! 🙂

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Follow Me on Pinterest

A lot of the inspirational material I gather is on my boards at Pinterest. I have a board called “Getting Healthy One Day At a Time” where i gather things from all over the web that relate to my journey. Recipes, motivational views , exercise information and so on. Since I am very neglectful in my blogging (but hey that means I am not setting in front of the computer much) I thought I would give you another place to look for inspiration.

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Living Lean

Living Lean is a program I participated in with good results for understanding my brains role in my food addictions and how to outsmart my brain or reprogram it. I am really excited about this journey.

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New Labs Are Great!

Okay I posted about my cholesterol and triglycerides being through the roof right? They have been climbing steadily for 3 years. My doctor gave me 3 months to shape up or I would have to go on statins. He wanted me to increase my fish oil to 4 a day. I just could not remember to take them and I could not take all 4 in the morning or it would make me sick. I managed two a day, but was afraid that would not do the trick. Then someone told me about Red Yeast Rice and I did some research online about it. As per most recommendations I saw I decided to take it with L-Caritine.

The results 3 months later were fantastic! All my values were back in normal range. My triglycerides are on the high end of normal and I am pretty sure I can contribute this to my sweet tooth. I am desperately trying to get that under control through behavioral changes and hope the blood work I did today shows an improvement in that. My good cholesterol could also be a little higher and I am working on that as well.

I will come back later and post my before and after lab values. I have to look them up first, not making up shit here.

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I have officially converted from fitbug to fitbit. Fitbit is smaller and does a lot more. It tells how many floors of stairs you climb, how many steps you walk, how many calories you burn, how many miles you walk and how well you sleep! It also calculates the number of calories you can have on any given day based on your weight loss goal and how many calories you have burned that day. Uber awesome. Now if it could cook and clean I would be set!

You’re just steps away from better fitness. Try Fitbit now.

My apologies, I have disabled the link above (well actually wordpress did it first, but then I edited and took link out) because I found out I am not supposed to do this. I can put a link to fitbit I think, but cannot have it link to my blog or something. Anyway if you want to check out fitbit, just go to fitbit.com.

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Wikipedia says “Contrary to a popular misconception—that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep—contemporary research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention, with a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness.[6] Subjects also show an increased response to suggestions.”

I have purchased two of Glenn Harrold’s apps and am giving them a go. Even if they do not actually help with weight loss, his soothing voice with the soft British accent helps me relax so I can fall to sleep easier. 🙂

The two apps I have are Lose Weight and 741hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation.


The 741 is a combination of Glenn’s hypnosis and music by Ali Calderwood based on the ancient solfeggio musical scale. You can read more about this here: http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/product/741hz-solfeggio-meditation-expression-communication-370

I am also reading about the solfeggio scale in other places because it intrigues me. Not that I believe it works, but I find the concept pretty interesting and I don’t think it does harm either. Music is very moving in general in so many ways. Some music makes you want to move, some music can affect your libido, and other music can be soothing and lulling. I’m not sure it can heal you or make you lose weight, but it is pleasant to listen to.

I have lost a lot of my impulse to eat junk food and for emotional eating in general in the last week or so. Is it because of the apps? Can’t say for sure. It could be that as I force myself to stick to a healthier regime, I am becoming more accustomed to this and developing healthier habits. But I want you to know that a full box of donuts were passed around our workplace Tuesday morning followed by pizza at noon in celebration of National Rehabilitation Month and I had no desire to indulge in either. I got out the lunch I brought with me and ate it with no problem and without a feeling of being deprived.

At night I will often eat my supper and immediately crave something sweet afterwards.  Last night after eating my supper I had a mental discussion with myself weather or not I wanted something sweet. Even something healthy like an apple. I was trying to decide if I really wanted to stop what I was doing to bother with eating something sweet just because that was what I always did. I was even arguing with myself that if the desire was not there and I did not really want it, why add the calories? Not adding them will help with the weight loss.

I think maybe the apps are helping. Can’t prove it, but I just feel like they are. I am not saying you should all go buy these apps, you have to decide how you feel about such things. But I think I will continue to listen to them. They do no harm and they may be doing good.  *note to self…you need another topic to write about now don’t you?* I will do some research on other subjects this afternoon, but first I want to pick some pecans up from under our trees.  Have a great afternoon!


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Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas… Sort Of

Love enchiladas, and this blogger has a healthier way of making them!

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